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“How to Safely and Profitably Invest in Timber”

Chances are you've never considered timber in your investing strategy. If that's the case then you've really been missing out. Timber is a medium to long-term investment that can reward your portfolio in both good times and bad, and protect it from knee-jerk crashes when things turn ugly.


“Legacy Investing: How Timberland Can Help You Grow
Wealth for Your Kids and Grandkids”

There are a myriad of concerns parents have to struggle with when it comes time to say goodbye to their college freshman; but being able to comfortably afford tuition and other expenses shouldn’t be one of them.


“Funding Your Retirement Safely with Timber”

Millions of Americans today share a major concern; they are asking themselves about how they’ll be able to financially support themselves, and possibly other family members, during their retirement years. Often times, retirement can last longer than we expect, so it helps to think about how much income you may need and whether or not you have a plan in place to ensure that income.


“Precious Metals – Precious Timber”

If you are like most investors, you’ve probably never made an investment in precious timber. In fact, 8 out of 10 investors have never heard of timber as an asset class. If you’re one of those investors, then you have been missing out on what experts call the only low-risk, high-return asset class!


“Why Big Business is... going Coconuts!”

If you are an income investor, this report will help you discover an alternative investment that not only generates an above-average healthy cash flow, but also one that is receiving much acclaim in the healthy living sector too. The amazing coconut tree, known by islanders as “the tree of life,” could very well become the income tree of life for you and your family.


“How the Super Wealthy Get Rich, Stay Rich, and How You Can Too”

Are you are tired of losing money every time the market goes down or when you follow promises or recommendations from so called experts with no skin in the game?


“Insurance Annuity or Agricultural Annuity”

Positioning money with the goal of long-term income can be a difficult proposition. Traditional investment options that spin off annual cash flows are subject to market conditions that may result in sudden and long-lasting value loss.

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